The Full Story

The Mandala Quilt

Your  Awakening Prayer Mandala Quilt goes through a step by step meticulous process filled with love and special attention to detail.  Read more about its meaningful inspiration, and how it can truly be a special addition for your family or friends in your life. 


The Vision

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Rosie Cepero who helped me with discovering spiritual awakening.  During my daily prayer meditations, I recieved a vision from God and my Ascended Master to introduce these meditation quilts that help reach a sense of enlightened transformation.

Citrus Fruits

The Quilting Process

The art of the process starts with careful cutting of all the beautiful mandala fabric prints, and then sewing the appropriate pieces using equipment to develop the quilt top layer, and finally followed by incorporating the three layers which include the backing backing, batting, and the quilt top to bring everything together. 


Experience & Craftmanship

WIth over 30 years in the quiliting business, I take much care in craftmanship and pride to make a quality quilt using the best equipment, and most importantly using the best materials available to produce a truly special quilt.